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I have always enjoyed cooking but struggled like many moms to find the time and energy to plan, cook, and serve creative and nutritious meals day after day. Randomly searching for recipes on Google and Pinterest simply wasn’t working. I was wasting time by searching for hours for family-friendly recipes and wasting money by buying overpriced ingredients and often throwing away leftovers.

I finally realized I needed some help with meal planning.

Stress Free Meal Planning for Beginners

Stress-Free Meal Planning for Families

Almost four years into parenthood and over 10 years into marriage, I finally decided to invest in something I had been hearing about for a long time: $5 Meal Plan.

Long story short, it’s changed our lives!


How Has It Helped Me Become a Better Cook?

By cooking more often and following the recipes in the $5 Meal Plan, I have noticed that I am more confident in the kitchen instead of overwhelmed.   I have made meals that I wouldn’t have even tried to make had I just seen them on Pinterest or in a cookbook.  Because of that, I have learned how to cook more of a variety of delicious meals and look forward to trying new foods.  Cooking for my family is more fun and mealtime is more enjoyable, and that’s something that has been a wonderful blessing to our family.

How Does It Work?

Every Friday, I receive an email with recipes that are a perfect fit for our family. The recipes use simple ingredients but offer variety at the same time.

If you’re like me, coming up with new meal ideas can be difficult, especially with little ones running around. That’s why this weekly meal plan is a perfect fit. It was created by a mom of four who understands the need for delicious but simple recipes for moms who are short on time. Not only do you receive a variety of recipes every week, but you also get a shopping list, too. We’ve been using the service for a while now, and it’s completely transformed mealtime for us.

What’s Inside Your Weekly $5 Meal Plan?


Each week, your meal plan will arrive in your inbox on Friday at 11 AM Eastern.

The meal includes a menu and a shopping list.

The menu will include:

  • Five dinner entrees with sides – Each week we’ll include one freezer friendly, one slow cooker, and one 20-minute.
  • We will also include one lunch and one breakfast, plus,
  • A random goodie each week – sometimes it’ll be a dessert, sometimes a beverage, and sometimes it’ll be a snack (sometimes more than one!) – Treat yourself to something fun!

Or, if you prefer to use the Meal Plan Builder, you can easily drag and drop recipes for a more customized option.

I use the pre-made weekly meal plan because I have loved every recipe that I’ve cooked so far, and I like the variety in the pre-made weekly meal plans.

Is there a gluten-free meal plan option?

Yes, there is!  Simply, click here.  Select “Get My Meal Plans Now.”  Then, select the link, “click here for the Gluten Free weekly meal plan.”

Free Trial

If you’re looking for simple, delicious, family-friendly recipes, the free 14-day trial is a great place to start.  Begin your 100% risk free trial membership here.

Free Meal Planning Printable