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I was on maternity leave and looking for ways to earn money from home when I came across blogging.  I wasn’t sure if it was really a way to earn money from home, but I was inspired to give a try after reading so many blogging success stories from other moms.  When my daughter was a couple of weeks old, I decided to dive in and start a blog.

Within a couple of months, I was earning money from blogging.  It really is a way to earn money from home!

I love helping other moms start their blogs and begin creating the stay-at-home, work-at-home life they’ve dreamed of.  The six simple steps below will help you start a blog today.

How To Start a Blog for Beginners and Mom Bloggers

How To Start A Blog

Step 1: Choose your hosting plan. 

SiteGround is the company I use for hosting and is highly recommended by many fellow bloggers. When I switched to SiteGround, my page loading speeds improved greatly!  Plus, their customer service is super helpful and is available 24/7.

SiteGround offers three plans.  The StartUp plan is great for the new blogger with one website.  Once you select the right plan for you, click Get Started.

SiteGround hosting

Step 2: Choose your domain.

You can register your domain easily through SiteGround in this step.

For help with deciding your niche and blog name, sign up for this free First Month Blog Plan.

Step 3: Review & Complete.

Enter your Account Information, Client Information, and Payment Information.

SiteGround Hosting

Review your purchase information.  I recommend adding Domain Privacy.

Step 4: Install WordPress for Free.

SiteGround makes this process simple with the Autoinstaller.  If you have any issues at all or would like SiteGround to set it up for you, click the Live Chat button, and a SiteGround representative will help you.

SiteGround Hosting

I’ve contacted SiteGround many times through Live Chat and have always been super impressed with their customer service.  They make things so simple!

Step 5: Check your email & get started!

Once you’ve purchased your domain and hosting and installed WordPress, you will receive an email from SiteGround confirming the installation.  You’ll see your Admin URL, Username, and Password.

Yay!  You can now log into your new site and get started!

Step 6: Install your theme.

Now that you’ve created your blog, you will want to install a theme.  This is the overall design and look of your site. For Mom Simplicity, I am using the Maggie theme from Bluchic, which I love.  I have also used themes from Pretty Darn Cute Design and have found them to be a great fit for my blog as well.  Both companies have wonderful support teams and are always willing to answer questions in a timely manner to help you set up your site like the demo.  It’s always been important to me to have great setup instructions and excellent support, so I’ve found investing in premade themes to be completely worth it.

With your theme in place, you can begin personalizing your site by adding your blog name, creating your About page, and writing your first post.

Congratulations on creating your blog!