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Look no further for a list of all the best baby essentials and baby registry must haves recommended by a mom of three little ones, registered nurse, and newborn care instructor.  From car seats to baby spoons, you’ll get to see all the products and brands that we’ve used and loved in the last few years.  Everything is organized into sections and all in one place.

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Baby Registry Must Haves Baby Registry Checklist

Building your baby registry is as easy as 1-2-3!

1. Research. Check out the products below to help you decide what you want to register for.

2. Choose at least two places at which to register.  Target, buybuy BABY, and Pottery Barn Kids are some examples of places where you can set up a baby registry.  You can also set one up on Amazon.  How convenient is that?!  Create an Amazon Baby Registry here.

3. Register! This is the fun part!  Select the products for your baby registry.  You can edit your registry online at most places if needed.

Baby Registry Must Haves – The Essentials in One Big List

* Below you will find a list of ideas to put on your baby registry.  If you click on each one, I have linked to the latest version of the one we have or an Amazon search page for that item.

Nursery Must Haves

Baby Gear Must Haves

Diapering Must Haves

Feeding Must Haves

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Sleeping Must Haves

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Baby Clothing Must Haves

Baby Bathing Must Haves

Baby Toys/Activities Must Haves

Other Must Haves

Free Baby Registry Checklist

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